E-Street project

The document gives a introduction into relevante international standards for road and street lighting.

Please also find a brief overview of some selected European national standards.


Linkt to the Standard EN-13201: Standard EN-13201

Road lighting - Part 2: Performance requirements

This part of this European Standard defines, according to photometric requirements, lighting classes for road lighting aiming at the visual needs of road users, and it considers environmental aspects of road lighting.  

Road Lighting - Part 3 : Calculation for the performance

This European Standard defines and describes the conventions and mathematical procedures to be adopted in calculating the photometric performance of road lighting installations designed in accordance with EN 13201-2.  

Road Lighting - Part 4 : Methods of measuring lighting performance

This part of this European Standard specifies the procedures for making photometric and related measurements of road lighting installations. Examples are given of the form of the test report.